About Us

About Us:

An Extensive Accounting Background:


Sherry Pirooz has been working as a professional accountant since 2011. After years of providing accounting services for Corporate America, she eventually started her own firm, SP Unique Accounting, in 2021. Her educational background includes a Master’s degree in Accounting (MSA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is also a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA).

A Small-Business Owner, Just Like You:


In her years working in the field, Sherry has developed a strong passion for helping small business owners accomplish their dreams. In her mind, sticking up for the “little guys” is far more rewarding than helping another giant corporation balance its bottom line. Sherry possesses all the credentials and experience a company could want in an accountant. Still, she does her best to be so much more than just another talented number cruncher.


A Compassion that “Calms the Chaos”


Sherry genuinely cares about the small business owners she works with and strives to help each one achieve their own definition of success. For many, that means eliminating the chaos that comes from attempting to do their own accounting and replacing those feelings of frustration and panic with feelings of calm and confidence.


Secure Service from Any Location:


Thanks to cloud technology, Sherry can realize her dream of reaching out to amazing, hardworking small business owners all over the country. Through virtual accounting, she can now work side by side with companies regardless of location, preparing clean, accurate, and easy-to-understand Financial Statements. In no time, she can help them:


  • make real sense of their numbers
  • become better aware of their dos and don’ts
  • grow their business in the most effective (and affordable) ways.


That’s what you get when you hire SP Unique Accounting.

A Few of Sherry’s Favorite Things:

  • Spending time with her one and only ever-so-loving daughter.
  • Traveling all over Europe.
  • Group hiking in beautiful, sunny California.
  • Reading awesome books and highlighting all the good stuff.
  • Enjoying delicious food with friends and family followed by a long stroll on the beach.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: We do the right thing, even if it gets unnoticed.
  • Reliability & Consistency: We do our best to provide consistent, accurate, and meaningful financial statements that our clients can rely on.
  • Mutual Respect: Respect flows two ways! We feel mutual understanding and respect is vital to a long-lasting partnership.
  • Transparency: We believe that honesty at all times is necessary to create trust and invoke peace of mind.
  • Communication and Teamwork: We can provide clean and accurate financials, but only if we receive accurate information when we need it. Our team is just one half of the success equation – your team is the other half.
  • Simplicity: We provide simple and consistent processes that help streamline your accounting system. As Sir Isaac Newton said, Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”
  • Kindness: We love to be the reason someone starts their day with a smile. Let’s be kind to one another.
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